CYO Sports is one component of a parish's comprehensive youth ministry program which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, priests, religious, teachers, and adult leaders to manage and support a sports program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic faith.

Such a program:

  • Employs healthy and enjoyable competition to promote the sharing of gospel values among athletes, parents, and coaches

  • Assists parish leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of young people

  • Encourages young people to appreciate the gifts that they possess, and challenges them to share these gifts with their community

  • Allows youth to witness the life of Christian discipleship in their coaches and adult leaders

  • Encourages youth to become responsible members of their faith community


1. PRAYER – Prayer is encouraged with youth in the CYO program.

2. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP – Taunting, baiting and rough play will not be tolerated.

3. SPECTATOR BEHAVIOR – Good sportsmanship includes good spectators. Spectators should cheer in a positive manner and never shout derogatory remarks to coaches, opposing players or game officials.

4. ALL PLAY – The "all play rule" guarantees each child minimum playing time.

5. NOT RUNNING UP SCORES – Children have more fun when the contest is close. There is no place to humiliate an opponent.

6. ELIGIBILITY – CYO eligibility rules reflect that CYO teams are parish or Catholic school based, not "club" teams. Children should not practice or participate on a team until their eligibility is verified by the parish athletic director. Use of an ineligible player, knowingly or unknowingly, shall result in forfeiture of the games.

7. KEEP CYO FUN! – CYO is for players, not a spectator sport. Coaches must always be positive, praising and instructing, not shouting negatively or demeaning players. Good coaches build self esteem emphasizing the skills and social aspects of sports rather than winning. Parents must be supportive without placing undue pressure on their child to succeed. All in CYO should keep the outcome of the game in perspective.