Code of Conduct

In an effort to ensure the safety of our children, enhance their overall CYO experience and preserve the condition of our parish facilities, the SS Peter and Paul CYO Board has developed the following rules pertaining to use of the parish gymnasium and school facilities and Parent, Player and Coach Code of Conduct. CYO participants and their parents must understand and adhere to this Code. Failure to do so may result in a player becoming ineligible to participate in CYO programs.

1. Gymnasium and School Building - The gym is only accessible through the school’s main entrance. In order to enhance the safety of the children, the entrance to the school must be secured at all times.

    • Practice Sessions

        • During practice sessions the main entry to the school will be monitored by a parent or coach until 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the session - then the doors will be closed and locked.

        • When practice sessions end the children will leave the school and join their parents outside the building.

        • Entry to the building while the doors are closed and locked will be prohibited. Entry into the building through any door other than the main entryway is also prohibited.

    • Games

        • During games the main entry will be monitored by a parent at all times. Entrance will be granted 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Under no circumstances can the doors be “propped” open or otherwise unattended.

        • All spectators must remain in the gym. Children must remain with their parents in the gym at all times.

        • An additional monitor will be placed at the bottom of the stairway, just outside the gym, to ensure that no one is roaming the hallways.

        • When leaving after a game, proceed up the stairway and exit through the school’s main entrance. Do not exit through any other doors (unless an emergency exists).

        • The playground outside the cafeteria is off-limits.

    • Other

        • No food or drinks will be permitted in the school or gym with the exception of bottled water for the players during games. This must be kept behind the bench at all times.

        • Players, parents and siblings may not bring balls into the building. Balls for practices and games will be provided by the coaches.

        • Non-player children must be supervised by their parents at all times. Children will not be permitted to wander throughout the school or play on or near the stairs.

2. Code of Conduct - The CYO Board has developed this Code of Conduct to ensure our children get the most out of their CYO experience in a manner that is consistent with the underlying mission of the Catholic Youth Organization.

    • Players, coaches and parents must, at all times:

        • Refrain from the use of foul language.

        • Show respect towards game officials and their judgment.

        • Demonstrate good sportsmanship towards teammates and opponents alike; treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect.

        • Set a good example for others to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.

    • Players must:

        • Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests.

        • Respect the judgment of officials and abide by the rules of the contest.

        • Accept seriously the responsibility of representing the parish by displaying positive behavior at all times.

        • Play in a positive manner, reflecting Christian values.

    • Coaches must:

        • Set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.

        • Respect the judgment of officials; abide by rules of the event.

        • Treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect.

        • Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand they display good sportsmanship.

        • Coach in a positive manner, reflecting Christian values.

    • Spectators must:

        • Remember that the players are children and are playing for their enjoyment, not yours.

        • Remain seated in the spectator area during the games.

        • Respect decisions made by contest official.

        • Be a role model by positively supporting teams and by not shouting instructions or criticism to the players, coaches or officials.

        • Make no derogatory comments or gestures to players, coaches, and parents of the opposing team or officials.

It is the intention of the SS Peter and Paul CYO Board to see that the participant’s CYO experience is as enjoyable as possible. Accordingly, these Rules and Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced. Noncompliance with these Rules and Code of Conduct may result in your child being deemed ineligible to participate in the CYO program.